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CITY-SUN... liberi di muoversi
CITY-SUN... liberi di muoversi

CITY-SUN... liberi di muoversi

The Universal Solar Battery Charger is able to travel all electric voiceless... 1000 km with only 1 cent (of euro). It does not emit CO2. It owns auto-stoppping algorithm in case of in case of tampering with the electric/electronic system. And... always for his safety, in case a malicious person decides to steal the CITY-SUN, inside it, there is a motion sensor that warns the owner on the smartphone (with App) that the CITY-SUN "is proceeding without his knowledge".

CITY-SUN... liberi di muoversi

Marcoccia Fabrizio, Zambelli Ilenia, Calicchia Luca

Team passionate about ecology, in the last years they have dedicated their energies in search of urban strategies aimed at optimizing and innovating on mobility in cities.
- Marcoccia Fabrizio Director and Designer of CITY-SUN
- Puparo Simone Responsible of mechanical loads
- Zambelli Ilenia, Calicchia Luca, Marcoccia Tiziana Responsible of energy efficiency and the electronics anti-theft systems.

  D16 (pav. 6)
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