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"FUNBOARD N-1" comes from a modification made to a common "Hoverkart" chassis, to improve speed, stability, safety and also introducing a new style of driving.

Front bumber, garantee aerodynamics and protections.
Side bars to support the fairings, introduce a new driving style, allowing the driver to make fast curves only by moving the body, without using the standard steering levers.

This allows the prototype not to decelerate in cornering, maintaining the speed.
In addition, the side fairings provide excellent stability to the vehicle, functioning as stabilizing ailerons.
Using an electric “hoverboard” for motor, the "FUNBOARD N-1" can be completely disassemble and can be transported in the trunk of a utility car.


Alessio Corno

Born in Monza in 1981, Alessio Corno, since he was a child, becomes passionate about racing and engines.
In 2002 he began his little experience in the world of karts, participating in some races of the Championship "EASYKART" of BIREL.
In 2015 he founded a well-known go kart endurance team, "CT RACING", in which, in the 2016 season, some famous characters and drivers from the cars races world participated.
In 2017 he creates a new Amateur Go-Kart Championship at the "Boggiakart" Karting Track in Gordona (SO).
In March 2018 he permanentley left the team and organization of the championship, to devote himself to innovative ideas.

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