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The OpenMaker project aims to create a transformational and collaborative ecosystem that fosters collective innovations within the European manufacturing sector and drives it towards more sustainable business models, production processes, products, and governance systems.

Building on the paradigm of Open Manufacturing, the project will achieve this goal by bringing together traditional manufacturers and digital-savvy makers and engaging in the process also universities, local authorities, civil society organisations and policy-makers.

1. Enabling programme

The OpenMaker consortium is running an accelerator programme in four European cities (Florence, Liverpool, Bratislava and Bilbao) by establishing a ‘Local Enabling Space’ (LES) in each city. Within each LES, the Enablers are dedicated human resources with sound community management skills. Enablers will deploy active methods for community building and engagement, primarily targeting traditional manufacturers and makers. The Enabling Programme will ensure the successful establishment of partnerships through well-planned activities such as:

Establishment and implementation of community building activities (i.e. workshops, match-making seminars, ..) within Local Enabling Spaces (LES) where makers, innovators and traditional manufacturing entrepreneurs are encouraged to work together locally
Implementation of the Piloting Support Scheme, which included an Open Call for proposal, that makes €420,000 available to fund 21 projects and provide them with mentoring and in-kind support.

2. Platform

The OpenMaker Digital Social Platform (OM-DSP) will provide OpenMaker participants with a digital environment to stay engaged (online), thereby supporting participants to better develop their social capital and increase their social impact in terms of innovation, knowledge transfer, and business success. The OM-DSP will build on members’ concrete needs and values and bring them together in a community-building process, multiplying the innovation potential of each accelerator programme thanks to a novel approach to social platforms based on notions of shared values and trust-based networks.


OpenMaker is aEuropean Project financed by the European Programme Horizon 2020

The Italian Accelerator is designed and conceived to act at the crossroads between the propulsive force of the maker movement and the opportunities envisaged by the Industry 4.0. Its ultimate goal is to enable and support the collaboration between the local manufacturing sector and maker communities, in order to foster cross-boundary partnerships, build a joint community for knowledge sharing, and ultimately contribute to the creation of the ecosystem needed to shape the Italian Industry 4.0 path. Over the next 2 years, it will offer a structured programme of events and capacity-building for manufacturers, makers and stakeholders, while allowing the experimentation of new products and production processes, as well as the co-design of innovation strategies.

The Italian Accelerator is hosted at Impact Hub Florence and run by LAMA. Most of the accelerator programme will take place at Impact HUB Florence and in other locations across the Tuscany Region. Additional events will be also organised in Turin and Milan thanks to the collaboration with TOP-IX, in order to involve manufacturers and makers that operate in these two strategic contexts.

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