Exhibitors 2018


We created an innovative textile product, from the mixture of a fiber, Crabyon, obtained from the crab carapace, with the wool fiber. The union of these two fibers allows to obtain a new generation of antibacterial, anti-odor, hypoallergenic, eco-sustainable and biodegradable yarns and fabrics; the high moisture absorption capacity ensures a good level of comfort for products in contact with the skin as gloves, shoes and sport garments.


Tecnici superiori dell'ITS TAM di Biella

Students who realized the CRABWOOL project are attending the second year of the two-year post-diploma course as "Superior Technician for the New Technologies for Made in Italy, Textile System, Clothing, Fashion" at the ITS TAM Institute in Biella.

  D12 (pav. 9) - Tecnici superiori dell'ITS TAM di Biella

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