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zeroCO2 - One click, One Tree
zeroCO2 - One click, One Tree

zeroCO2 - One click, One Tree

zeroCO2 is an experiment in human and environmental solidarity.
With zeroCO2 you can plant a tree and offset CO2 with a click or wear the only 100% recycled and eco-compensated T-shirt for which a tree will be planted. Thanks to zeroCO2's monthly compensation plans, it is possible to become eco-friendly. All it takes is three trees to offset the monthly CO2 emissions.
The trees planted are donated to the farming communities of Guatemala, generating food security and economic livelihoods.
A fruit tree can compensate for CO2 and give life to other living beings.

zeroCO2 - One click, One Tree

Team zeroCO2 (Andrea Pesce, Giorgio Jaupi, Irene Culcasi, Raffaele Ventura)

Andrea Pesce: 24 years old, graduated in International Relations. He has been in Latin America since the last century. Politics, innovation, education and food.
Giorgio Jaupi: 24 years old, graduated in Economics. Passionate in art, in search of sustainable innovation and good taste.
Irene Culcasi: 26 years old, with a degree in Primary Education Sciences, is a fanatic about global education, Paulo Freire and confectionery.
Raffaele Ventura: 22 years old, new graduate in International Relations and teacher of fencing.

zeroCO2 presentation:
What happens to your stomach when you discover that the food in front of you has produced 2.5 kg of Carbon Dioxide and consumed about 3000 liters of water? We still didn't know that evening.
Discovering it was what made us set in motion.
In front of the tastiest and least sustainable thing that exists, zeroCO2 was born: a hamburger ( BUT not fast food!).
zeroCO2 is a Carbon Positive start-up, we compensate more than we produce.
We are Andrea, Giorgio, Irene and Raffaele, a group of young people under 25 who love hamburgers, travelers and tremendous users of many technologies but with a common awareness of the future of this planet.
With zeroCO2 we want to give everyone the chance to plant a tree and compensate CO2 with a simple click.

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