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Cibor App

Cibor App

Our goal: deliver through the web all national and local Italian TVs and radios, and a wide range of international TVs, by arranging them in a cross platform and cross OS APP.
A 24/7 operative staff works to ensure the watching quality and the offer growing.
We also offer a wide choice of on demand contents, where you can find all the best of "Made in Italy", Institutions and Public Entities, for abroad Italians, films and TV series.
Our offer:
- App;
- STB & App combo;
- Smart TV & App combo;
- Tablet & App combo;
- Smartphone & App combo.
Each user will be able to manage one or more accounts on more devices.
Cibor App, your TV everywhere.

Cibor App

Roberto Onofri

Starts his career as a DJ in the early eighties and in 1989 won the Golden Pick Up at Madison Square Garden in New York; in 1994 as a TV frontman on Supersix network and with the Videoone show with Rosalinda Celentano.
From the early 2000s in collaboration with RAI began as an author and as a shows announcer.
In 2005 he created "Port TV Network". In 2006 was the producer and director of the single music video Sole solange, which put beside the homonymous single, and three years later will lead on Rai Due "Capitani in mezzo al mare" with Denny Mendez, Stefano Tacconi and Nadia Bengala. Every year, during December, he was the conductor and creator of the Rai Due "Oscar dei Porti", the television award for the sea's excellences. From June 12, 2012 on Rai Due on Federica Peluffo "Terre Meravigliose" show, where is a column and presents "Happy Birthday VIP" and other programs on the Italian Television Network, where he continues his career as a disc jockey at the exclusive party World VIPs. Since May 2014 he has conducted with Viviana Ramassotto Trucco, a television program for Italy and the United States, makeup and fashion, also focusing on Italian excellence. He is also the creator and artistic director of MAKE UP CHANNEL. On 13th 10th 2015 he inaugurated the official television of the companies CONFARTIGIANATO TV in Rome of which he is the designer. In 2016, the "FIERA CHANNEL" project, the interactive TV in the pavilions and on the web of the exhibitors' Made in Italy, begins at FIERA ROMA.
He is the creator of the CIBOR-I TVBOX decoder that allows Italians around the world to tune into national and private TV Italian stations everywhere. In 2016, he produces and remixes ALESSIA MACARI "la ciociara" winner of the GF VIP with over 3 million likes on Youtube.

  C12 (pav. 5) - Italian Television Network S.r.L.

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