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Digital infrastructure promoting circular, resilient, and digitally-based mode of production, grounded in the collaboratively developed and globally shared data as commons on the web.

Francesco Maria Bucarelli, Laura Paganini


Luciano Fumagalli

Life has sounds: listen to them with our Open-source hearing aid to rediscover the joy of communication with loved ones.

AiCS - Associazione italiana Cultura e Sport

"Parete di Genere 2.0" (“Gender Wall”) is the sporting event that AiCS dedicates to raising awareness against gender violence. Having reached its second edition in 2023, it consists of a national padel event organized as a flash mob: from 10 am on November 25th, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence, simultaneously on all fields of AiCS padel participating in the initiative (around 20 in all of Italy in 2023), mixed couples will meet to play and discuss sport as a lever for inclusion with experts and judges, within the framework of the protocol signed with the National Association of Magistrates in February 2023.

  C1 (pav. 7C.01)

Mauro Cerelli - Devboards.it

ESPpy32 electronic dev-board for IoT applications. Based on ESP32 you can easily develop awesome applications with DEBUG feature!


Makerino, electronic board for IoT applications for prototyping projects requiring low energy consumption, low-medium computing power interfacing sensors and actuators

Bruno Luziatelli, Mauro Cerelli e Gianluigi Perrella

From Pick&Place to #ESPy32. How to cover the whole process, designing and realizing a small amount of assembled electronic boards (PCBA).

ITS D.E.Mo.S Academy 3D Flakes printing

"Our revolutionary project offers an affordable and eco-friendly 3D printer, promoting innovation and sustainability in sectors such as education and industry. Maker Faire Rome provides a key opportunity to share this vision and connect with the innovative community."

Gaia Fior e Carlo Fonda

A fully functional Arduino Uno, components and breadboard. Just 900% bigger and magnetically connected!

  E2 (pav. 3E.02)

Il Team di MappaX : Marco Di Vito, Marco Mauti, Marco Morelli, Daniele Scaglia

Communities Crowdmapping Crowdfunding Co-design Social innovation Technological innovation Reporting Participation Stakeholders Opportunities Local social Local development Placemaking Tactical urbanism Innovation

  G25 (pav. 6G.25)

IIS Palmieri Rampone Polo

Innovativo programma didattico che comprende un insieme di attività progettuali finalizzate all’invio di palloni sonda e relativi payload nella Stratosfera.

Beatrice Bocci

ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision.

Gruppo di Ricerca in Architettura Tecnica - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Modern 3D design and printing techniques that can help creativity in engineering and architecture

Fablab Algeri Marino Casoli (CH)

Battery status monitoring of an electric bike made with Arduino 33 loT via smatphone.

Freie Maker e.V.

Freie Maker e.V. is a maker community from Aachen, Germany. Freie Maker wants to let people get access to technologies, through DIY, OpenSource, and learning by doing. With Alice, we want to give people a playful way into quantum technology basics. This is mostly achieved with led games, with technology hidden behind an artistic, natural surface.

  C15 (pav. 3C.15)


AMELIE: a communication software for Rett Syndrome children requiring only a computer, an eyetracker and a smartphone.

  A8 (pav. 6A.08)

Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca DigiLab - CoopCulture

ArcheoVerso: an integrated ecosystem of 3D virtual fruition and services for Cultural Heritage within digital metaverses.

Giovanni Bernardo

Cheap and customizable STEM Robot based on Arduino Uno with parts printed in 3D and easy-available components.

Associazione AstronomiAmo

Automated system aimed to meteor detection, citizen science and Sky and Air Quality level

  H5 (pav. 8H.05)

Valeria Cattoni, Margherita Gaviraghi, Bernis Kaplan, Simone Longo

Ball Launcher Game for children (5-6 years), Launched by Arduino

  I12 (pav. 3I.12)

Claudia Provenzano

The aim of the association, as per its statute, is to enhance sustainable mobility; in particular, the use of the bicycle as a philosophy of movement and the bike as the main means of travel in urban contexts on working days, encouraging the exchange of ideas and implementation of the principles that guide cyclists or bicycle enthusiasts and their families, especially if they serve, active or retired, in public administrations.

  B1 (pav. 7B.01)

Enrico Stulin

BirdWatch AI: Leveraging TensorFlow for automated bird species identification in open-source birdwatching.

Irena Stolic and Zoja Kukic Dordevic

Bracelet Maker is a robotics toy specially designed for girls, enhancing their interest in coding and engineering through play.

  E14 (pav. 4E.14)

Lars Oberhofer, Katerina Koleva, Magda Żukowska, Heïdi Sainte-Catherine and Riccardo Calcagno

Brailly is a 3D-printed, interactive cube that transforms Braille learning into a fun and easy activity.

Davide Susa

Organizational and gamification tools to support you in defining and developing your Business Model and Business Plan.

  C16 (pav. 6C.16)

Medaarch - in collaborazione con WASP e Lab Mec

"Digital Fabrication for the Renaissance of Made in Italy At Maker Faire Rome 2023 the Center for Digital Craftsmanship by Medaarch, the space dedicated to Manufacturing 5.0 for the enhancement of future talents."

Ilaria De Angelis, Barbara Cosciotti, Sebastian Lauro, Elisabetta Mattei, Elena Pettinelli.

Space view home wanted: Come walk among planets and moons of our Solar System and discover many astronomical curiosities

Riccardo Maggioni, Jacopo Peroni

CheemsCity aims to create comprehensive paths to robotics through online courses supported by hardware platforms and memes.

ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

Choosy is the App that supports laboratory operators and technicians recommending the most sustainable types of sample preparation

One Network Technology

ONE METWORK three technologies: Augmented Reality, 3D technology and NFC sharing, which have allowed us to bring a Unique and innovative product to the market.

Eugenio Russo & Il Team Conthackto

Conthackto is an organization formed by under-21s from all over Italy, which organizes orientation and training activities

  I16 (pav. 3I.16)

Cortelli Luca

Cortex is a universal controller for CNC automation, customizable, safe, and versatile. The goal is to take CNC technology to the next level.

Cybersecurity National Lab CINI & Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca

An Escape Room to raise awareness about cybersecurity: prevent a cyber attack from the evil Nerd Corporation together with your team of ethical hackers!

  F6 (pav. 5F.06)

Marco Bardanzellu, Fabio Fuoti, Edoardo Loddi, Andrea Miele, Dimitri Patlade, Ennio Zanzarelli, Graziana Cavone, Federica Pascucci

Cyber-physical zebra crossing: microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, cameras, and wireless communication systems for safe pedestrian crossings and vehicular circulation.

  D20 (pav. 6D.20)

Luca Potente - Silvio Potente

Cycled You creates a circular economy directly for the end user who is the one who uses that tyre, lives it, makes it unique. We give it a second life!

Simone Donnari

Immerse Yourself in the World of Comics and Become Your Favorite Character!

  C21 (pav. 5C.21)

Ass.ne Italiana Makers Automotive

E-Horizon Project empowers high school students to create 1:10 scale race cars using CAD, 3D printing, and microcontrollers for motorsport competitions.

Volontari e-Nable Italia (Michele Praga, Alessandro Villa, Kabir Lovero, Alberto Navatta e altri)

Experiments and assistive devices created by e-Nable Italia volunteers for children with limb difference problems

Irene Guerrieri

EGGS are multifunctional chairs designed to inspire creative associations and playful combinations.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Maccagni Giacomo, Federico Minutoli

We will start with an overview of the Machine Learning models covered within Reply R&D. We will then move on to a focus on a robotic agent such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics. From here we will have the basis to move on to an implementation of Embodied AI Agents controlled completely with voice in natural language.

Stella Uzochukwu-Denis

Revolutionize education with interactive game-based learning! Experience innovative tools bridging the digital divide, and empowering students through fun. #EdTech #Innovation #MakerFaire" (247 characters)

Mario Baioli , Andrea Casale,

Innovative scenarios in PCTO training in which the methodology of learning by doing is applied.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

E-Agle Trento Racing Team: la squadra di Formula Student dell’Università di Trento

A maker-style electric single-seater: from the extensive use of additive manufacturing to the development of dedicated electronics and software

Riccardo Pedone, Gabriele Di Blasi - classe 4BE dell'ITIS Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica - Istituto Scolastico Enzo Ferrari di Susa (TO)

FideLIS: an eco-sustainable robot able to make art and museums inclusive through LIS.

Giuseppa Lonoce, Eliana Maraglino, Alessandro Tripodi

Platform allows quality company to elderly, provided by young people, in order to improve their social, mental and physiological well-being

Valentina Segnalini, Gabriele Pollastrini

Flippy is an engaging game for visually impaired children that stimulates movement, coordination, and inclusion through sounds and tactile interactions.

dCO Team

We can make fun studying available to students and teachers learning to code. Many students who joined us in the process decided to stick to the eco-friendly materials(cardboard) without using glue in mind to think about the global environment.

  I15 (pav. 3I.15)

Time4child, ENEA, World Food Programme, CNR, Arci Solidarietà, Sea Shepherd, Fondazione Jane Goodall.

A sustainable society is made up of many ingredients: inclusion, technology, health, research, rights and clean energy.

Angel Cabello

A DIY calculator to program (in Python) and resolve math symbolic problems.

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