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  • February 14, 2024
    Moonwalkers are the world’s fastest shoes Moonwalkers™ are the first-ever mobility device that allows humans to walk at the speed of a run. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, users [&h...Moonwalkers, the shoes of future
    June 7, 2020
    Z- Triton, the innovative electrical tiny home developed to travel over land or water!Z-Triton, an amphibious tiny home
    October 14, 2019
    cutting-edge and sustainable tech: future and innovation run on rails! High-speed trains have revolutionized the way many people travel, bringing regions and cities closer together, giving the nationa...FS celebrates 10 years of high-speed rail wit...
    August 10, 2018
    CITROËN LAUNCHES THE FIRST GLASSES THAT RESTORE THE TASTE FOR TRAVEL Driving holidays and long journeys are a popular part of Australian life. But with more time and opportunities to […]SEETROËN – The First Glasses to Elimin...