Exhibitors 2020

TUNDERAN - Today's UNDERwater Archeology into the Nemi Lake


CNR-INM (Italian Research Council - Institute for Marine Engineering)

Salvatore Mauro graduated in Nautical Sciences at the Istituto Universitario Navale (actually University "Parthenope") of Naples, he gained a PhD in Ship Stability at the University of Naples "Federico II" - Naval Engineering Dept.. Since 1995 he's fully involved in scientific and technological R&D topics concerning Maneuverability and Controllability of surface ships being scientist researcher at INSEAN (Istituto nazionale per Studi ed Esperienze di Architettura Navale) and then at CNR-INM. He's the scientific coordinator of the R&D's activities carried out at the CNR-INM Outdoor facility (http://www.inm.cnr.it/labs/maneuvering-basin/).

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