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 Green Tech Solution - Autonomous Vehicle-Bot Mission [ Air - Land - Sea ]

Green Tech Solution - Autonomous Vehicle-Bot Mission [ Air - Land - Sea ]


Emanuele Della Volpe

Emanuele Della Volpe, Aerospace Engineer of the University of Naples Federico II has successfully completed a second level master's degree as an aerospace designer at the Aerospace District of Campano (DAC) where he also studied the issues of technological innovation and automation for personal interest. At the same time, he was interested in studying environmental protection issues in the marine environment. Since 2015, an independent research and development course has begun aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of an automatic system for the protection of the sea from floating solid waste, called Ltter Hunter, creating scale prototypes and automatic mission management software. Subsequently he was researcher at the Department of Science and Technology of the University of Naples Parthenope on "Applications of the technologies of Morphing wings on light RPAS". From 2016, the research path becomes broader on process automation technologies in view of Industry 4.0 and unmanned navigation systems in the air (UAV), land and marine (USV) environments. This made it possible to interact for collaboration with various scientific and technological centers. In September 2018 he completed the research path by setting up the innovative startup called Green Tech Solution, exploring new unmanned systems for emerging markets. The "Green Tech Solution" SRL is a company that offers technologically innovative solutions for the environmental and industrial sector. The company develops innovative multifunctional technology solutions through interconnected unmanned aerial, land and sea systems for the creation of new products and services. Today numerous collaborations have been formalized with universities such as Federico II and Parthenope of Naples, University of Sannio, University of Siena, CNR, IREA, DAC, MAREVIVO, Legambiente, as well as with various entrepreneurial realities of the Italian territory.

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