Exhibitors 2020

Rock 'n' Nerd

For the second time at Maker Faire Rome, Rock 'n' Nerd is back! A couple of 15-year-old friends, who are passionate about electronics, robotics, programming, politics, environment but mainly about music. The day we met up to jam together with our guitars, we couldn't even imagine that all this would have happened. After a long time of total lockdown, we are grateful that Maker Faire Rome 2020 is going to go ahead! That's why we decided to repropose and renew our previous projects, which was fun to do and made us happy to see them observed by the curious faces of numerous visitors. So this time we'll propose a brand new Greenhouse, named "Serra 2.0", commercially available and DIY. Completely 3d printed using bio-sustainable materials, it will not only reduce water waste, but it will also be one of the most eco-friendly greenhouses on the market. It could be easily powered by solar and wind energy. Another strong point of rock 'n' Nerd's project, is the homemade tubular amplifier. With extraordinary audio quality, it's based on a technology which was in vogue in the 60s/70s. The old-school hi-tech is and always be the best. But renewing is different from inventing. We must introduce our brand new project, a creation made working hard together: a Tricorder! Inspired by Tv series Star Trek, we thought about building, as far as possible, an electronic device able to read many sensors at the same time and to translate them, as clear as possible, in graphs that anybody could read.


Mattia D'Angelo, Giulio Gaetti

Mattia D'Angelo, born May 31, 2005, 15 years old, attends the second classic high school T.Tasso in Rome. One day, by chance, in the station termini with his mother, notices a sign that sponsored a series of courses in electronics and robotics. As the years passed, the young Mattia became more and more passionate about robotics and electronics. So when he saw the poster of the very first Maker Faire Rome on the bus, he convinced his parents to buy the ticket. When he found out that it was possible to participate as an exhibitor he went out of his way to finish his project, he put on a group of rocker and nerd friends and signed up, confident. Participating in the maker fair for the second time would be a real honour.
Giulio Gaetti, 16 years old, attends the third year scientific in Cerveteri. His innate curiosity has always led him to want to fully understand the workings of things, thus discovering, in this same fair now 4 years ago, the immense world of making. Fascinated by the electronics of the early days, he tries to give new life to components that, although now forgotten, still have infinite potential in front of them.
He never imagined that this would allow him to exhibit at such a major fair, the opportunity to participate a second time would be a dream come true; as well as a real honour.

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