Exhibitors 2020

Advanced loudspeakers and mini induction heater

Advanced loudspeakers and mini induction heater

In this virtual stand, you can explore two project proposals: a handmade 5.1 audio system with unusual features and an electronic board designed to create a homemade mini induction oven.
The first project is already built and functioning, it consists of an aptx Bluetooth receiver, a DAC, a 480 Wrms class T amplifier, finally 5 2-way satellites and a 3.6 m long waveguide subwoofer. The peculiarity of this audio system is the choice of very high-quality electronic components in the whole sound chain able to reproduce the sound with very high fidelity.
The second project is still in the prototyping phase, it consists of two electronic boards, one for control, the other for piloting the power part, following the schemes already available on the network, but they have been significantly improved to (i) modulate the output power, (ii) inserted overvoltage protection, (iii) overcurrent protections (iV) removed voltage transformers to increase simplicity and efficiency.


Roberto Tascioni

Roberto Tascioni: he graduated as chief technical expert, specialized in electronics and telecommunications in 2007. He got a master degree in energy engineering at the La Sapienza university of Rome in 2015. Since 2016 he is involved in the research activities about renewable energy, he also worked as assistant professor for 3 years collaborating with the "università degli studi Guglielmo Marconi", and with eCampus university. Currently he is getting the Doctor of Philosophy in energy and environment in the same university La Sapienza. Since January 2020 he works as engineer for the italian institution Minister of Infrastructures and Transport.

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