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DysphaMeal: natural food-based answer to dysphagia

DysphaMeal: natural food-based answer to dysphagia

Many elderly people, even if they seem healthy, are unable to receive regular nutrition for problems related to difficulty in swallowing, the so-called dysphagia. This can cause weight loss, protein-energy deficit, increase of pathologies and a reduction in life expectancy.
At the moment, people with dysphagia are fed only with blended or homogenized foods, which have several texture and flavor issues, and require drug and nutritional supplements.
On the contrary, our products (DysphaMeal) guarantees the correct intake of necessary nutrients through a consistent, smooth and 100% natural meal.


H.A.R.G. S.B. S.R.L.

HARG is an Innovative Hi-Tech Start-Up, aiming to offer a novel natural food-based solution (called DysphaMeal) to meet nutritional needs of people with or at risk of malnutrition and in particular those with dysphagia.
In 2020, with the entry into the company of AVANZI ETICA EUVECA SICAF SPA, HARG embarks on the path to transform itself into a Benefit Company: we are committed to creating a positive impact on society in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way.

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