Exhibitors 2020

ICTP Scientific FabLab

ICTP Scientific FabLab


ICTP Scientific FabLab

We will present two recent projects developed in our fablab:

  • 3D Islands / Isole in 3D (to show how to make models of a real island with a lasercutter and/or a 3D printer)

  • Caustics Generator, Crystal lattice Simulator and Gases Simulator (three physics experiments you can DIY in a fablab)

Our team is working at the Scientific Fablab (SciFabLab) of an international research institute, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics Salam (ICTP), part of the UNESCO system:

Sara Sossi -graphic and designer, passionate for 3D
Gaia Fior -naturalist and maker
Enrique Canessa, Carlo Fonda and Marco Baruzzo -lovers of physics and DIY
Last but not least, we are also the organizers of Maker Faire Trieste.

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