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Raspberry FLUSHHH

Raspberry FLUSHHH

FLUSHHH, addon board for Raspberry Pi. PWM Fan, WS2812b led and Power/Reboot Button.
FLUSHHH is the all-in-one solution for the Raspberry Pi family.
PWM Fan with temperature range, WS2812B led controlled by Raspberry Pi and Power On/Off and Reboot switch.



I have been working in the railway sector for 19 years, I have been involved in building and for some years I have been managing maintenance activities in south europe railways infrastructure, where raspberry and arduino give me a big hand in all problems related to computer equipment for railway safety.
I play the electric guitar and program in C# Python Arduino.
Negli ultimi 5 anni circa ho iniziato a progettare schede aggiuntive per Raspberry Pi.
I partecipated in 2018 maker faire rome edition and 2019 Torino mini maker faire, where i presented POWERMYPI, a raspberry pi smart power supply unit, that provide power on/off and reboot switch.

This time i present FLUSHHH, add-on board for Raspberry Pi with PWM controlled fan, WS2812b RGB led and power on/off/reboot switch, hope you like it!!!

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