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Sistema robotico autonomo per la depallettizzazione flessibile

Sistema robotico autonomo per la depallettizzazione flessibile

Depalletizing robotic systems are commonly deployed to automatize and speed-up parts of logistic processes.
Despite this, the necessity to adapt the preexisting logistic processes to the automatic systems often impairs the application of such robotic solutions to small business realities.
In this work we propose a robotic depalletizing system designed to be easily integrated into warehouses logistic processes.
The system has to schedule, monitor and adapt the depalletizing process considering both on-line perceptual information given by non-invasive sensors and constraints provided by the high-level management system or by a supervising user.



Robotics research is carried out since 35 years at PRISMA Lab (Projects of Industrial and Service Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation, in DIETI (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) at University of Naples Federico II.
The PRISMA team is internationally recognized in the community for their achievements in aerial, assistive, cognitive, cooperative, industrial, service, social and surgical robotics. The record of the team can be measured by more than 900 publications in terms of books and articles in book chapters, peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, cooperation with more than 150 foreign institutions and companies, as well as by several awards and an average annual funding of 1.4 MEuro received during the last ten years

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