Exhibitors 2020

Università di Trento

Università di Trento

We present a simple and quick method to measure the sensory ocular dominance on a computer screen.
The subject sits in front of a computer screen and tracks the contour of a disc, set around 5 cm far from the screen. The method evaluates the differences between the contours tracked with both eyes open, and the contours tracked in monocular conditions.

The robust quantification of the ocular dominance: 1) can be used as a biometric feature in security applications; 2) it can help the customization of Virtual Reality environments to reduce sickness; 3) it can be used for clinical or fitness tests.


Università di Trento

Giuseppe Notaro:
has a heterogeneous technical-scientific background. He is a Physicist of Biosystems and he has always worked in computational and cognitive Neuroscience. He is specialized in data analysis and modeling, as well as in ideation and realization of experimental set-ups (both with humans and with rodents). His main interest is in the study of vision, attention, and statistical learning. Currently he aims to develop new technology to help improving the knowledge on these topics, and with some positive impact in practical life.

Tommaso Rosi:
is a research fellow in physics at the Laboratory of Physical Science Communication of the University of Trento and specializes in the use of new technologies in physics education and communication. He is graduated and doctorate cum laude from the University of Trento and won the "Best Research Doctorate" in physics 2016/2017. He is the author and co-author of numerous publications in the main international magazines of his sector and since 2010 he has dedicated himself to audiovisual performances exploring the intersections between art and science, staging the Augmented Lecture "HyperVision" at the 2019 festival of Teatro della Meraviglia. He is one of the founders of the startup of scientific communication and didactic planning "Level Up" (https://leveluptrento.com/) which has been carrying out scientific laboratories in schools for years, school-work alternation activities, scientific conferences, and develops itinerant interactive exhibitions such as the recent FAKE! - failures and deceptions of human vision.

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