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Essiccatore per la pasta ad energia solare con tecnologia IoT

Essiccatore per la pasta ad energia solare con tecnologia IoT

A solar-powered “pasta dryer” was carried out by the employment of the Internet of Thinks (IoT). With the aim to realize a mobile plant suiteble for the pasta drying process without the use of electricity and therefore usable even in the absence of any kind of support, the project involved the exploitation of renewable energy, therefore at no cost.
The use of IoT technology allowed the remote control of electronic components (microprocessors, fans, sensors, pump, etc.) included in the whole experimental system. The drying process diagram was managed by personal computer emploing a specific software.



Alessandro Cammerata, Roberto Mortaro, Luigi Benedetti, Simone Figorilli, Paolo Menesatti

Alessandro Cammerata
CREA Research Center for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing, Rome. Management of analytical instruments for spectroscopic reflectance (NIR) and transmittance (NIT) analysis for the cereal storage centers with particular regard to wheat (calibration activity of predictive models, ring test management activities with reference samples). Management of databases to support research on the quality of raw matter and finished products through the evaluation of commodity parameters and rheological analysis.

Roberto Mortaro
CREA Research Center for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing, Rome. Long-term experience in activities related to the cereals processing, especially durum and common wheat, and particularly regarding the phases pre-milling (e.g.: storage, cleaning, debranning, etc.), milling and pasta making process.

Luigi Benedetti
CREA Research Center for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing, Rome. Technical support to activities related to the processing phases of cereals, primarily durum and common wheat, with particular regard to the milling process and pasta making aspects.

Simone Figorilli
Design and development of software and databases for PCs and Smartphones for research projects. Updating and development of Matlab scripts for image, morphological, colorimetric and stereovisual analysis. Realization of electronic instruments with open-source technology to support research with environmental monitoring sensors, traceability with RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and wireless, GPS sensors and small tools for simplifying the acquisition of experimental data in forestry and precision agriculture. Integration of proprietary open-source technologies for the implementation of off-line and on-line systems.

Paolo Menesatti
Director of the Research Centre for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing (CREA-IT) of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA). Researcher at the Agricultural Engineering Research Unit of CREA for more than 25 years.
His research interests principally concerned digital engineering technology applications and numerical methodologies in biosystems, agro-food and agro-environmental systems (ICT, imaging, RFiD, spectrometry, proximal sensing, thermography, inferential or predictive multivariate modelling, open source electronic and software), particularly related to applications for digital and precision agriculture.

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