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Progetto VALUEMAG: produrre composti ad elevato valore da micro-alghe

Progetto VALUEMAG: produrre composti ad elevato valore da micro-alghe

The VALUEMAG project’s main objective is to develop an advanced magnetic method for micro-algae cultivation and to utilise this knowledge to produce micro-algae for food, cosmetic and nutraceutical use at minimum possible cost.

Micro-algae cultivation - Cost reduction objectives:
Set up a method to introduce superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPANs) into micro-algae cell protoplasm in order to obtain magnetic modified micro-algae (MAGMA).
Immobilization of MAGMA using a soft magnetic conical surface (SOMAC).
Develop economic & viable magnetic Photo-BioReactors (mPBR) for fast growing and easy harvesting of biomass, using the above mentioned SOMAC covered with immobilized MAGMA and a thin water layer.
Objectives for the production of added-value products from harvested micro-algae:
Implement methods for holistic food production from microalgae biomass.
Extraction of commercially valuable products (nutraceutical, cosmetics) from micro-algae biomass, including a selective magnetic separation method for better, faster and cheaper extraction process.
Develop CO2 capturing and water re-cycling methodologies based on mPBR.


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