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Essere sostenibili innovando

Essere sostenibili innovando

We are one of the leading European electricity Transmission System Operators (TSOs), with more than 74 thousand km of high-voltage lines managed all over Italy. Every day, we work on creating a climate of dialogue and trust with the local communities to which we provide an essential commodity for the economic and social life of everyone: electricity. We play a key role in the energy transition process: as enabler and director of the Italian electricity system towards a future with zero emissions, counting on innovation, skills and distinctive technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Terna SpA

The Terna group is the owner of the Italian national transmission grid (NTG) for high- and extra-high-voltage electricity and is the largest independent electricity transmission system operator (TSO) in Europe. We are operating in a scenario of energy transition, an unavoidable transformation process towards a sustainable and decarbonised energy production and consumption system where electricity generation is increasingly decentralised and based on using renewable energy sources. In this process we perform a fundamental role. From a simple operator, we are becoming the enablers and directors of the energy transition, guaranteeing an increasingly better integration of renewable sources and the gradual decarbonisation of the system.

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