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Boy VR

Boy VR

Boy is a VR installation, inspired by precinema machines. The work, usable only with a viewer, transports the visitor into a lunar landscape, where a child runs, jumps, appears and disappears like a ghost, while clouds of particles, whose motion is altered by sounds coming from (real) space around the visitor, they wander in the atmosphere. The theme concerns the concept of limit. The visitor can move, but cannot interact with the child who, despite having an infinite space available, always moves around the viewer. His limit is his action, inexorably.


Igor Imhoff


Video game developer and then digital artist, he mainly deals with moving images and visual experimentation. His research passionately combines primitive, symbolic and anthropological elements with digital art, which energetically moves towards an avant-garde taste. There are numerous dichotomies and his work shines accordingly. The synthetic image of Small White Dot, up to the archaic figures of his Percorsi series; from the rock work of Anafora, conceived as an interactive installation, to the collaboration with the Polo Museale Veneto, where cave paintings are combined with pre-cinema experiments by Muybridge and Duchamp: different sides of the same eternal human need to represent the world and find a compromise to live with it. The research is dedicated to experimentation in all its forms, from 2d to 3d up to immersive VR. The production alternates between animation videos and the design of interactive works, ranging from videomapping to theatrical performances. Numerous exhibitions and participations in festivals, in Italy and abroad. He is currently a professor of Digital Applications for Art, Digital Animation techniques and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He is also a professor of Special Effects and VR at the 1st level Master of Fine arts in filmmaking at the Ca Foscari University of Venice.

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