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Plato tells how the human being was originally round shaped, made up of four arms, four legs and four sexual organs.
Some could be totally male while others could be totally female, still others with both male and female elements. The latters were defined as androgens.
This completeness led human beings to sin of pride, to the point they believed they could unseat the gods.
So Zeus decided to split the parts, condemning them to weakening and searching for their lost half.

The work re-proposes the myth of the androgyne of Plato's Symposium, through the phrase "I love you revealed" engraved on black Marquinia marble spheres.

The artist imagines the lines of a film engraved in stone, where the parts are finally reunited. The declaration of love is shrouded in the motion of the sea and the inscription is the very subtitle of the sound itself.



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