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The new music of the spheres

The new music of the spheres

A place in virtual reality where the ancient myth of the music of the spheres is revisited in conception and structure, proposing itself as an interactive experience in real time for the whole body. Instead of along concentric orbits, the spheres are developed on a horizontal path that the user / player travels, called to touch the spheres with the swords in his hands and then performing an original music by the author Lino Strangis. In this experience we play, move and at the same time we play a music written no longer on a staff but along a three-dimensional and sensitive space. A work that opens up new leads to the concept of game art, a tool that transforms each player into a performer, designed for intelligent entertainment for the masses but also as a scenic device (performance / theater) around which to build original ways of making a scene. It is an operation of reappropriation and radical transformation of the deep sense of one of the most advanced gaming technologies currently available, literally reinvented to become an object of art and at the same time an original instrument not of one but of various artistic languages. To enjoy the work, which can be downloaded for free, you need a type of professional PC headset, but for those who do not own it, you can get an idea of ​​this project through the documentation available here.


Lino Strangis

Lino Strangis is a multimedia artist (video art, video installations and videosculptures, virtual realities, multimedia performance, 3D sculptures, video-sets, sound art) experimental musician and director (theater, cinema, TV) born in Lamezia Terme on 19/01/1981, lives and works in Rome and Turin.
Since 2005 he has participated in numerous festivals, exhibitions and international historical reviews in Italy and abroad (ARS ELECTRONICA, Biennale del Mediterraneo, Videoformes, City Sonic, Proyector, Athens Videoart Festival, Invideo, ...) and holds several solo and group exhibitions in private galleries and prestigious museums including MACRO (Rome), MAXXI (Rome), MUSEO PECCI (Prato), FABBRICA DEL VAPORE (Milan), MUSEO RISO (Palermo), MAUTO (Turin), PAN (Naples), GAMC (Viareggio), WHITE BOX MUSEUM OF ART (Beijing), muBA (S.Paulo), Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles).

His works have been exhibited alongside those of artists such as Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Robert Cahen, Studio Azzurro, Miao Xiaochun, Steina and Woody Vasulka. Lino Strangis is the founder and artistic director of Strangis Realities, the new software house born in 2020 dedicated to games, applications and game art in virtual reality.

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