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Ciclorifugio 4.0

Ciclorifugio 4.0

The project involves the construction of an environmentally sustainable shelter, energetically autonomous and with a high rate of automation and interaction with users. The medium-term objective is the creation of a network of interconnected cycle shelters, installed within the Italian cycle paths.

The project involves the use of different technologies:
Industrial IoT,
Additive manufacturing (3D printing, laser cutting)
System integration,
Vertical / horizontal integration,
Data analysis


Fondazione ITS per le Tecnologie dell'Informazione e della Comunicazione

The Higher Technical Institutes train high-level professionals in strategic technological areas for economic development and competitiveness, and represent the segment of non-university tertiary training in Italy.
Taking the form of Participatory Foundations - which include schools, training institutions, companies, universities and research centers, local authorities - ITS communicate individual aspirations, local needs and the world of production, generating real value for all .

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