Exhibitors 2020

#CNR4All - Scienziate in Azione

Gender discrimination is, unfortunately, still affecting various fields of our society, including scientific world. What leads each of us to build a certain self-image? What role is attributed to us in family, among friends, at work? Through this laboratory, dedicated to an audience starting from eight, participants will be able to reflect on these issues, and at the same time learn about the life and discoveries of many women scientists who have contributed significantly to the achievement of current scientific knowledge.


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Laboratory is carried out by Sabrina Presto, researcher at Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy - CNR. Her main research activity concerns the study of ceramic powders for production, storage and transformation of energy using fuel cells and solid oxide electrolyzers (SOFC and SOEC).
For many years she has been interested in scientific dissemination, participating in events dedicated to the promotion of scientific culture for wide public and collaborating with schools for creation of dedicated laboratories. She holds training courses for teachers on subject of renewable energy, climate change and basic sciences.

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