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Re:Humanism Art Prize

Re:Humanism Art Prize

Re: Humanism is a prize dedicated to the relationship between contemporary art and artificial intelligence promoted by the homonymous cultural association based in Rome. Now in its second edition, the award aims to encourage reflection on the development of sustainable and human-centred artificial intelligence technologies. On the occasion of Maker Art 2020, Re:Humanism proposes a series of talks dedicated to the exploration of the themes of the call for artists but useful to all those who want to better explore the universe and the impacts of artificial intelligence technologies.


Daniela Cotimbo

Daniela Cotimbo (Taranto, 1987) is an art historian and curator based in Rome. Her research is focused on the present issues investigated through different expressive media, in particular new technologies. She recently founded and curated the Re:Humanism Art Prize dedicated to the relationship between Art and Artificial Intelligence. Among the most recent projects: 2020 – ​Allegra ma non troppo​, Sonia Andresano, AlbumArte, Rome; 2019 – Complessità – Enrica Beccalli And Roula Gholmie, Romaeuropa Festival, Roma; ​Re:Humanism Art Prize,​ collective exhibition, Albumarte, Roma; 2018 –​ Ionian Archaeological Archives,​ Marco Emmanuele, Bivy, Anchorage; 2017- ​Die andere Saite – Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, Colli Independent art gallery, Rome; 2016 – ​Models of display​, Montecristo Project, Colli Independent art gallery, Rome; 2015 – ​CsO,​ collective exhibition, Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome.

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