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  • April 23, 2024
    Every day we throw away just too much food: a loss AI can help reversing A hotel chain installs a camera in its trash bins to spy on what guests […]AI is spying on the food we throw away
    March 23, 2024
    Google’s GraphCast Uses Machine Learning to Forecast Weather AI can now outperform conventional weather forecasting – in under a minute, too   A new era in weather forecasting has arrived...AI Weather Forecasting Tools
    February 14, 2024
    Moonwalkers are the world’s fastest shoes Moonwalkers™ are the first-ever mobility device that allows humans to walk at the speed of a run. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, users [&h...Moonwalkers, the shoes of future
    February 4, 2024
    technology is discretely taking the tennis court, too Following the Australian Open (won by the italian Jannik Sinner, hooray!) let’s explore what technology lies behind – and around ̵...Game, set, tech: the technology of tennis
    January 27, 2024
    OpenAI just dropped their guide to writing perfect prompts for chatgpt The OpenAI guide includes some strategies to get powerful results from ChatGpt prompts to outrank competitors in Google search [&...OpenAI just dropped their guide to writing pr...
    October 13, 2023
    AI: a list of tools you can use right now Whether for business or leasure, AI offers an unrivalled range of tools suitable also for beginners. Visit Maker Faire Rome […]AI: tools you can use right now
    October 12, 2023
    The results of ARTIS, a project developed in 2021 by Sony CSL and CRC - Centro Ricerca e Cura of Rome at Maker Faire Rome 2023THE NEW FRONTIERS OF SONY CSL’S AI AT M...
    September 26, 2023
    Hiroshi Ishiguro: The master of robotics who is changing our future Exploring the world of androids, geminoids, and telenoids with a visionary in robotics   A professor in the Innovation [&hellip...Hiroshi Ishiguro and the robot in his image a...
    June 6, 2023
    AI IS RESHAPING THE JOB MARKET. LET’S DEEP DIVE INTO THE OPPORTUNITIES IT CARRIES. Let’s discover some in-demand jobs amid the AI boom that it is worth consider pursuing a […]AI and job opportunities: professions to keep...
    March 31, 2023
    Exciting news from the world of AI and VR! Hand tracking for immersive reality is stepping far forward thanks to machine learning Researchers have recently developed a machine learning system [&hellip...Hand tracking for immersive reality is moving...