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#remakeschool - Partecipa al cambiamento

Born in 2000 on a high school desk. Today Skuola.net is the most acknowledged students’ representative at both the institutional and editorial level in Italy, by collecting and publishing their stories, moods, needs, expectations and behaviours. Thanks to a close cooperation with the major national media, Skuola.net gives millions of youngsters the opportunity to express themselves among the adults, with particular reference to parents, teachers, institutions and operators from the third sector.

Our mission: Providing useful and innovative tools to improve students’ life.
Our vision: Helping every single student at least once in their lifetime.

Skuola.net is the all-around communication ecosystem that every day gives voice to students, revealing their needs, desires and points of view. Every month over half a million students read the same news reaching the adults through diverse channels.

During Maker Faire Rome, Skuola.net will organize two workshops:

1) Fab Lab school peer to peer - Friday 14/10 11.00 am 12:00 am

Professor together with the students will illustrate the Malpighi LAB project. Theye will talk about its history, educational robotics and the issues faced by students during the year. The workshop will be an opportunity to interact with students and teachers present.

2) #remakeschool: student's voice - Sunday 16/10 11.00 am- 12.00 am

If students could sit in place of the Minister of Education, how would change the school? It 'really so criminal listen to their ideas? Skuola.net, reference portal for the student community, has drawn up some proposals based on the ideas and needs expressed by young users on the portal. And he put them to a vote during the Maker Faire Rome. Here are the results, commented by school experts, youth and innovation.

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