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Marco Ciccolini
the next generation action cam to capture every aspect

Acea is one of Italy‚Äôs leading multiutility companies. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999, it manages and develops networks and services in the …
  A43 (pav. 7) - ACEA S.p.A.

ITIS "G.Armellini" Roma - classe 5C Elettronica - Andrea Borioni
Self-made quadricopter driven by a mobile device or a self-made wearable sensor glove.
  A11 (pav. 9) - ITIS "G. Armellini" - Roma (RM)

Conrad Electronic
For over 90 years Conrad is synonymous with technology. It includes over 750,000 computer products, multimedia, modeling, household items, tools for DIY. At Mak …

Skyward Experimental Rocketry
The Cyrano Program is a project of a remote controlled drone developed entirely by students of the Politecnico di Milano.
  B1 (pav. 5) - Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Cactus Robotics
Affordable drone racing in RF checkpoint defined racing track. Drone combats using low power lasers and proximity weapons.
  D15 (pav. 5) - Cactus Robotics

RGESSE.IT S.r.l. in collaborazione con Istituto Corni di Modena
Pollutants detection (CO, PM) in a three-dimensional space scanned by a drone
  D20 (pav. 5) - RGESSE.IT S.r.l. in collaborazione con Istituto Corni di Modena

Array - Avv. Giovanni Battista Gallus
The Drone Journalism Lab Operations Manual is a practical manual released under a CC license by the the Drone Journalism Lab. We will release the Italian adaptation, under the same license.
  B3 (pav. 5) - Array - Giovanni Battista Gallus

Ing. Mauro Pompetti
This tool permit in a safety way of measure, certificate, troubleshooting, fix, exercise, give dimostration of drones.
  D18 (pav. 5) - Mauro Pompetti

Olivier Fontaine
Sapritalia a no profit organization promote the safety culture for drones from both point of view of leisure and professionals.
  B6 (pav. 5) - Olivier Fontaine

Paolo Mirabelli
Palo Mirabelli's Team in support of "Aviary"
  B8 (pav. 5) - Paolo Mirabelli

Elettronica Open Source
Elettronica Open Source is a blog providing innovative information, projects and tutorials in many fields of Electronics and Technology including electronics de …

Drone Exposition, and Maiden Flight Area with Paolo Mirabelli
  B7 (pav. 5) - SHARP79 CHANNEL

Gameotic is the best driving game in the world

IIS Vittorio Emanuele II - Napoli - classe smart costituita dai migliori elementi di varie classi autodenominatesi "I Makers".
Stratospheric Helium Balloon, some arduino/raspberry based payloads used to collect scientific data, some foto/video and other materials collected during stratosferic missions
  A2 (pav. 9) - IIS "Vittorio Emanuele II" - Napoli (NA)

SENZA BENZA IIS Ferrari + Casa Corsini
Celerifero is a 3 wheel velobike Z.E.V (Zero Emission Vehicle) with electro-muscolar, human power propulsion for light urban mobility.

Infineon Technologies AG
Electronics made easy with Infineon's "toolbox" (Arduino): Join us and get to know what Infineon can offer you to make electronics easy, for example with Arduin …

A valuable complementary tool to traditional topographic supplied, now dare to survey once reserved for aircraft and the traditional topography.
  B10 (pav. 5) - 3DGeoCloud

A mini aviary where you can discover everything about the world of drones and try to fly it.

Fabrizio Ghelli
Low costs new design drone to be completed at home and sailing yacht class 1meter . Educational and technical models.

Mouser Electronics Inc.
Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 600 industry leading manufacturers. We spe …

MyDronJob.com is a website where Clients meet Drone Pilots for business. If you have any project-idea-event or you have a need that can be done by a drone, just …
  D11 (pav. 5) - MYDRONJOB

Alessio Canalini, Christian Gabbani, Alberto Petronio
"OpenROV in Italy" is a project to promote activities related to edutainment, to diffusion of new technology and to exploration. Our goal is to found a startup able to support themselves.
  A1 (pav. 5) - Alessio Canalini, Christian Gabbani, Alberto Petronio, Alexandru Cosmin Crisan

Regione del Veneto
In January 2015 Veneto Region launched the Veneto Fablab Call for proposals. 2.000.000 euro have been invested in order to push digital transformation of Veneto …

Makerlab Ipsia Galilei
Rescue drones against terrorist attacks in public places including schools, hospitals ... Book Preview "Drones between Art, Cinema and Audiovisual"
  B15 (pav. 9) - IPSIA G. Gallilei - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Skyward Experimental Rocketry
Rocksanne 2A is a 4,3 meter high supersonic sounding rocket developed by a team of students in Politecnico di Milano.
  B1 (pav. 5) - Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Daniele Ingrassia
satshacopter 250X is an open source quadcopter built around the satshakit flight controller. It is designed to be simple and cheap as much as possible, and to be easily made inside any Fab Lab.
  D17 (pav. 5) - Daniele Ingrassia

TEKO Company was founded on 1957. Helping you gain a competitive advantage through innovative electronics enclosures. Teko delivers world-class enclosures to el …

TIM GROUP TIM is the leading ICT group, evolving into the new model of Digital Telco, enabler of the country's digital life. Excellent quality of customer serv …
  C42 (pav. 7) - TIM

At Maker Faire, we will present our range of open source boards born for Makers: the UDOO boards, with particular evidence on the new born of this family: the U …

UP, bridge the gap!
UP is a platform designed for makers who intend to rapidly UPscale their prototyped ideas into mass produced solutions. Building on some of the best capabilitie …

Pier Calderan, Luca Rettore
IR device for War Drone, Drone designed to spice up the racing environment. Besides the usual speed races, the "Pursuit" competition is made with three drones "fugitives" and a drone "hunter".
  D14 (pav. 5) - Pier Calderan, Luca Rettore

Marco Antonio Attisani
Watly is an infrastructure of intelligent solar-powered machines connected together that provide happiness and evolution to human kind.
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