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PostepayCrowd is a Branding crowdfunding project launched by the Italian Post and Visa in collaboration with Eppela. Started in 2014, the project has funded mor …
  D39 (pav. 7) - PostepayCrowd

Regione del Veneto
In January 2015 Veneto Region launched the Veneto Fablab Call for proposals. 2.000.000 euro have been invested in order to push digital transformation of Veneto …

This Thesign srl
This thesign s.r.l. is a business reality born by the ideas and the experience of a group of young Italian entrepreneurs in the fields of distribution and retai …
  This Thesign srl

At Maker Faire, we will present our range of open source boards born for Makers: the UDOO boards, with particular evidence on the new born of this family: the U …

UP, bridge the gap!
UP is a platform designed for makers who intend to rapidly UPscale their prototyped ideas into mass produced solutions. Building on some of the best capabilitie …

YpOp S.r.l.
Servizi di crowdfunding
  C35 (pav. 5) - YpOp S.r.l.
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