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Regione Lazio

Regione Lazio

Lazio is research, intelligence, technology transfer, green economy, industry 4.0, design and talent.
A region rich in innovative enterprises and startups that produce wealth, development and occupation.

Lazio local government started an intervention program to sustain the competitiveness of our economic system, also through the action of Lazio Innova. We defined specific measures to valorize technological innovation, relations between production and research, knowledge economy, environment protection, risk prevention, accessibility and smart cities. All for a sustainable, fair and inclusive development.
We already invested 330 million euros from 2007-2013 European Funds and we committed more than 100 million euros for startup, creativity and industry 4.0. and 150 million euros for industry 4.0, from the 2014-2020 Programming.

Today the Region brings the “innovation system” of Lazio at Maker Faire, showing about 70 projects related to different experiences and vocations.

We choose a Cluster Flux scheme (data flow/cluster ideas), to communicate to the visitors the role of coordination and construction that the Region is playing. A scheme that enlightens the exchange between different innovative realities.

In this way, it becomes clear that the actions of the Lazio Region for creativity and young talents form a coherent network which activates and stimulates a flow of information and ideas between the different innovation places of our territory.
In the Exhibition, every hub hosts projects and excellences clearly defined by a specific range of themes and activities. Every innovation place is connected, even in a visible way, to the network (IOT). Through a light and sound system, visitors can observe the data flow in regional territory and the many ways in which different hubs dialogue and interact with each other, as parts of a wider innovation and knowledge system.

These are the 7 thematic hub:
Spazio attivo/Fab Lab
Smart Living
Industry 4.0
Food & Green

Regione Lazio

  D19 (pav. 8)
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