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Code-Structed Skins
Code-Structed Skins

Code-Structed Skins

In recent years it is more and more the case that design methodologies in each field flows over others. As so, the appearance of computational design in architecture proposed tools and methods along with a distinctive aesthetic sense which can be implemented in other design disciplines. In this regard disciplines involved in complex geometrical challenges such as fashion design are becoming more potent to take the advantages of computation.
Looking at human body as a complex built structure that needs to be 'covered'; a design research is set in form of workshop investigating how computational principles and methods can be associated with fashion design for make new model.

Code-Structed Skins

WL3D feat Arian Hakimi, Stefano Paiocchi (from Zaha Hadid Architects) and Ezgaat Architects

Tutors from Zaha Hadid Architects: Stefano Paiocchi, Arian Hakimi - Organized by Ezgaat Architects - 3DPrinting by WL3D (Matteo Quaglia - Simone Boasso)

Arian joined Zaha Hadid Architects in 2013. He has worked on several projects, from competition to design development stage. In particular at KAFD project, he developed various typologies and algorithms for generating façade component on double curved surfaces. He has conducted practical researches in the fields of parametric design, rationalization and optimization of complex geometries. Together with Stefano Paiocchi he conducted a “component based design research” with interns inside practice which resulted in an exhibition at ZHA Design gallery.

Ezgaat Architects: Yagiz Atli, Davide Gamberini - is an Architecture and Design group based in Milan.
It is contemporary, metropolitan and part of the digital generation. It creates design strategies that work on a global level, by implementing the use of advanced technologies to create purposeful, innovative design.
It is a team of multicultural creatives: architects, designers, artists and innovators. It has a multidisciplinary approach that creates platforms for interaction, research and learning. It hosts several cultural events, seminars, exhibitions and internationally renowned workshops.

WL3D - is an innovative startup born in January 2016 that operates in the 3D printing industry with sales and service

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