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The Rion-Antirion Bridge 3D-Printed and Functional

The Rion-Antirion Bridge 3D-Printed and Functional

The Rion Antirion Bridge had the difficult task of resisting strong winds and devastating earthquakes while sitting on a sand bed. I have designed and printed the entirety of the bridge, highlighting the design choices that make the bridge unique. Some of the bridge's characteristics include terraforming the bottom of the sea and using predictable failure. Anyone that comes to see the bridge can relive the entire design process, from modeling the parts to using a 3D Printer. One will experience the difficulty in designing the bridge and a portable miniature of it. See you there!

The Rion-Antirion Bridge 3D-Printed and Functional

Nick Kalogeropoulos

I am a 16-Year-Old student from Chalandri, Athens, currently doing the IB program (Year 1), and I plan on studying Engineering abroad, preferrably in the US.

I am an active volunteer of the Doctors of the World Foundation, and I frequently participate in various science & technology conventions and Logic Competitions, from which I have accumulated various awards. Most notable of which, I am a member of the John Hopkins' Center of Talented Youth. I am also a huge supporter of the VAK learning styles and willing to teach people about them.

I have been CAD-Designing for 4 years now, undertaking many small projects and collaborations. After acquiring a 3D Printer, I have been printing for 6 months. At that young an ange when I discovered 3D Design and 3D printing, I was completely amazed and captivated by the power to create anything my design capabilities allowed me to.

I am currently mainly using SolidWorks for Industrial Design and, should there ever be a need to, Meshmixer and Sculptris for organic Design

This is the first major project I have created, while others include the design of the Kallimarmaro stadium, the Kalatrava bridge and the Athens Classic Marathon Starting Stadium. However, I have much more dedication, resources and time devoted to it, to make it comparable to the bridge itself.

I want to communicate the capabilities of 3D printing and 3D Design, along with promoting elements of my Country that have to be highlighted.

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