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Yooda Paramotors Atelier
Yooda Paramotors Atelier

Yooda Paramotors Atelier

Yooda Paramotors Atelier are a new Italian firm who make paramotor frames.

"YAK" frame could be fitted with a wide choice of different engines, from 80cc to 250cc, to suit different pilot weights and skill levels.

The frames are all designed and built in Italy and are weld-free aluminium constructions, laminated for strength. A simple shape, “perfectly balanced” for comfortable flying, there are just two connection horns between the frame and the external ring. There is a pulley fixed to the frame to facilitate engine starting, and the swing arms have adjustable attachment points and a torque effect compensation system.

The frames are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble into a compact package for easy transport using a snap button system.


Yooda Paramotors Atelier

Marco Brugnolli

1997 - Scientific High School Degree
2001 - University Diploma in Physical Methodologies
2002 - Bachelor degree in Applied Physics
2001-2002 - Course for Technicians Designers CAD / CAM (direction Plastics) at POLITO (based in Alexandria)
2002-2006 - hired as a technician employee at the company Promau R.P.D. (Rapid Prototyping & Tooling) - TRENTO
2006-2008 - hired as a technical employee at INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) - L'AQUILA
2008-2016 - hired as a laser technologist at ADIGE-SYS (laser cutting machine production) - LEVICO TERME (TN)

  A5 (pav. 5) - Marco Brugnolli

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