Exhibitors 2016



Diana is designed as a friendly lamp, inspired by the idea of a lantern, that follows you during your daily activities inside the house.
The lamp is characterized by an industrial style that transforms it with an ironic touch in a lighted figure. Using Arduino, Diana lets you personalize your house’s spaces giving them more value thanks to different light intensities.

The handle lets you carry around Diana easily during your movements inside the house. The body presents a central light source that simulates a fire flame, and can be turned on or off just blowing genlty at it.

Diana has three different bases, that can be placed around the house in different spaces. Those bases give the lamp various light intensities, letting you decide the mood of you house rooms.



Bassignani Barbara, De Stefanis Sara, Rocchi Andrea, Scaglioni Enrico

Sara De Stefanis
Italian, age 20
Artistic school, Busto Arsizio (VA)
Prodcut design, IED

Barbara Bassignani
Italian, age 21
Artistic school, Monza (MB)
Prodcut design, IED

Andrea Rocchi
Italian, age 20
Artistic school, Lucca (LU)
Prodcut design, IED

Enrico Scaglioni
Italian, age 29
Scientific school (MI)
Science of Material (MI)
Prodcut design, IED

  D16 (pav. 10) - B. Bassignani, S. De Stefanis, A. Rocchi, E. Scaglioni

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