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Open Source Home Automation System

Open Source Home Automation System

Home automation is the residential extention of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, air conditioning, appliances and security. There are many products using Ethernet, RS-485, ZigBee and Z-Wave as communication protocols.

We have developed an open source home automation system which is based on a very cheap $10 WiFi development board LinkNode D1. It is Arduino-compatible WiFi board and is very easy to program.
This system use several sensors including motion sensor, O2 sensor and temperature&humidity sensor to perceive the environment in your home, on the other hand, it is connected to LED, servo and replay to control home appliances. The most important thing is that the system and App are all connected to LinkSpriteIO IoT cloud server which supports REST API and HTTP/websocket communication, and it enables the home appliances to be controlled online via Internet.

The diagram below illustrates the connection flow of the system. The LinkNode D1 should be connected to the Internet through WiFi for this to work, as well as your mobile device.

Open Source Home Automation System

Alvin Jin, Yao Qi

Live in China, like DIY and Iot.
Attended US Bay-area, Sydney mini Maker Faire in the past years

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