Exhibitors 2016

IL CELERIFERO Velocipede elettromuscolare a emissione zero

The Celerifero wants to be a product-service: Velotaxi to transporte children, persons, animals. Cargo Bike to transporte goods, last mile Bike Messanger for delivery and retirement packages. Pure velocipede to have fun.
Celerifero borns by an idea and the concrete realizzation prototypal of Corso Laboratorio Prototipi in the Superior Institute A. Ferrari in Maranello. Different prototypal versions have been already realized, all working. The last phase of the project previews a test activity on the road, promotion and diffusion of the prototype, supported by Casa Corsini's FabLab and by the companies involved in the busyness, to create a start up able to produce a Celeriferi - Velocipedes batch for the light urban mobility.

IL CELERIFERO Velocipede elettromuscolare a emissione zero

SENZA BENZA IIS Ferrari + Casa Corsini

A FabLab and a school, together.

  C2 (pav. 9) - IIS "A.Ferrari" - Maranello (MO)

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