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Baby Dinosauro
Baby Dinosauro

Baby Dinosauro

An egg in the leaves cracks and comes a BABY DINOSAUR, emits cries to attract the attention of the mother.
But when his creator gave him the PACIFIER, calms down and lies down inside the egg.

Baby Dinosauro

Alvaro Passeri

1963 - At 13, I began to paint oil paintings on canvas.
1964 - I studied music and played the clarinet in the band for three years.
1966 - I studied electronics at the time of vacuum tubes.
1970 - I graduated in sculpture at the Art Institute of Rome.
1973 - I started working in film as scenic sculptor.
1982 - I started doing special effects (animals, monsters, miniatures, etc.) for hundreds of movies.
2010 - I dedicate especially to Animatronica way as entertainment, performances for young and old.

  C39 (pav. 5)
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