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WIL (Wired Limb)

WIL (Wired Limb)

The project WIL consists of a mechanical hand, moved thanks to a special rods system. The device is folly Open Source and consists of easy available and low cost materials, fully reproducible by any 3D printer model with ABS or PLA plastics. WIL represents the first hope for all those who due to lack of the limb are limited in their daily basic activities and thanks to mechanical hand can find again their own autonomy and indipendence.


WIL (Wired Limb)

Open BioMedical Initiative

Global initiative started in Italy in April 2015, now composed of members from all around the world engaged in the development of open source, low cost and 3D acceshealth helps. JOIN US!

  D4 (pav. 6) - Open BioMedical Initiative

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