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DemaBlock (abs) per serramenti
DemaBlock (abs) per serramenti

DemaBlock (abs) per serramenti

Demas-block is the first hinge to the world that makes possible the locking of the movable frames, an innovative lock-door for shutters, windows, doors, etc ... which allows a locking of the door with the simple act of actuating from the body of command directly on the hinge. DEMA-BLOCK is a block-door easy to use and easy to implement.
The advantages are:
-Bloccaggio Perfect doors;
-Elimination Of complicated operations in the installation phase;
Safe-fitting: not mount outside the house, avoiding risks to the installer;
-Elimination Of possible breakage of locking devices-door with damage to windows and doors as broken glass, slamming shutters, slats falling, etc.
-Exernal Facades finally cleaned of bulky and anti-aesthetic block-leaf iron or plastic;
Safety for the user who avoids leaning against the wall outside to lock / unlock the door, in fact DEMA-BLOCK is used inside the house and works on the hinges of the window, shutters and doors.
New benefit is the use that can give additional safety to the openings of windows and doors. In spite of the stop-shutter which allow to block hinged door only in correspondence of one of its maximum opening, the hinge Demas-block constrains the door in whatever configuration from 0 ° to 180 °, allowing, even in case of strong winds, a locking clutch and secure.
-The Zipper DEMA-block therefore represents a cutting-edge system for locking of hinged doors. The flagship is the solution adopted by friction and the small size of the mechanisms that give a clean and elegant design combined with ease of installation. Peculiarities of the system are the highest performance together with high technical quality and safety of the movement; while there is also a great deal of attention to aesthetics in line with the architectural trends of the time requiring a minimum of visual clutter accessories to make them adaptable to environments with very different styles. The Dema-Block hinges are an important innovation in the panorama of building hardware, are covered by European patent and subject to strict tests that ensure performance and durability.
This hinge is installed in all systems currently on the market.

DemaBlock (abs) per serramenti

Fabio De Maria

My name is Fabio De Maria, I was born in Messina, I'm 39 years old, I am engaged sentimentally with my partner with whom I had a beautiful baby girl of 18 months.
I work as an artisan business since July 2000. My company produces windows and was born thanks to the aid of the European Community for young entrepreneurs.
I have a passion for innovation in any industry, particularly for precision mechanics. I own a patent package in the joinery industry, with innovative solutions for the construction industry.

In addition to devote myself to the work I have a passion for the sport, I try to carve out some free time to go windsurfing, kite surfing and cycling.
I am an optimistic person by nature and I always prefer to be surrounded by friends share the joys that life gives us.

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