Exhibitors 2016


"Efesto" is the 3D printer designed by me to offer the possibility to print aluminum components.
This printer can actually reach high temperatures, thanks to an induction system applied to his unique extruder.
"Efesto" is special because is conceived to cut the costs of buying and printing materials, he can, in fact, melt a standard aluminum wire available in every hardware. This project was born six months ago and is just at the beginnings, the future goal is to reach even higher temperatures to allow to print and work with other metals.


Salvatore Ancora

I was born in Monza in 1990, since childhood I am passionate about all that you could compose, construct or assemble. After secondary school I attended the State Institute Of Art until the third year. After leaving my studies I started to work in a bar. In my free time I devoted to several projects with the support of mechanical and electronic skills of my father. I currently work as fishmonger at the U2 Supermarket of Arosio, but I continue giving life to my ideas and insights. By working on my projects over the years I have discovered a visceral passion for the electromechanical and 3D design. For a project in particular I needed to print the parts with the help of a 3D printer but, when I realized the high printing costs, I made the decision to buy one. With the printer finally in my possession, I immediately sensed its enormous potential. So I started to study ways to enhance its features. I believe in the energy and in the success of passion and, through my hard work, I hope one day turn into reality my fantasies.

  C9 (pav. 8) - Salvatore Ancora

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