Exhibitors 2016



Roborig - a telepresence robot that enables users to feel immersed in a remote, augmented reality.

Telepresence, i.e. feeling of being present in a remote location, is finally becoming an accessible possibility, at least visually, thanks to the combination of 360-videos and virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift. Our project aims to enrich this experience by including stereo vision, depth information, mixed reality, and hand-tracking to enable practical telepresence applications from virtual tourism to surgical training.


Eigen Studio

Eigen Studio is a group of enthusiastic scientists with backgrounds in Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and Robotics. Our experience with virtual reality and 360 video editing, as well as computer vision and robotics makes us a strong team in addressing the challenges of the emerging augmented/virtual reality technologies.

  A21 (pav. 7) - Eigen Studio

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