Exhibitors 2016



We developed a family of stringed instruments in a didactic DIY/DIT format, with digital fabrication workshops we intend to be a "hands on" experience explaining how things work in a scientific and practical manner so everybody can understand. All instruments can be plugged and amplified, one string (diddleybow) 3 strings learning/travel guitar, upright bass. 6 strings guitars. An Arduino controlled pick up winding machine, with shield and 3D printed structural parts, laser cutting cabinet used to make 3d printed custom made electromagnetic transducers (pick ups).
All projects are documented.


Lucio Gonzalez, Ignacio Gonzalez, Julieta Diaz Arvizu, Matias Fernandez Ruiz

Ignacio Gonzalez 30 born and lives in Buenos Aires.
Julieta Diaz Arbizu 23 born and lives in Buenos Aires
Matias Fernandez Ruiz 27 born and lives in Buenos Aires
Lucio Gonzalez 41born in Buenos Aires lives in Reggio Emilia.

  D7 (pav. 7)
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