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Cafè Racer #1
Cafè Racer #1

Cafè Racer #1

Cafe Racer #1 is a Made in Italy project born in a Triumph dealership, watching the engine of a Bonneville, one of the classics of motorcycling.
The slat shape of the Cafe Racer #1 is inspired by the common air cooling systems used in engines.
As well as the Bonneville combines 50 years of history with everything that modern technology can offer, the Cafe Racer #1 want to be a fusion of new production systems and classic features of the past.
Exactly in line with the philosophy of the totally customizable Cafe Racer motorcycle, even this lamp is suitable to follow the style of the person who acquires it, thanks to:
- 20 colors available for the lampshade;
- 20 types of lamp holders with matching ceiling rose;
- Over 120 different cables in round or braided fabric.
The Cafe Racer #1 is also a real "lamp in the lamp": the packaging, made of wood milled and engraved, in fact, also turns into a table or environmental lamp. The idea of ​​a completely recyclable and reusable packaging, came from the attention to the issue of sustainability that has always characterized us and that over the years has led us to develop a number of eco-friendly projects.
All the high quality materials used for the project are carefully selected, starting with the choice of the PLA (totally recyclable and vegetable plastic certified RoHS, REACH and FDA) for the lampshade, continuing with lamp holder and ceiling rose Made in England (in line with the origin of the Café Racer), ending with the cable, the soul of light, proudly Made in Italy.

Cafè Racer #1

Mkrlab & Fab Lab Rinoteca

The Rinoteca was born in Ancona (Marche - Italy) in 2012 from the idea of two friends (Claudio and Vincenzo) as a carpentry lab and screen printing lab.
It makes available to its members a wide range of technology services and tools for woodworking, plastic and metals as well as paints and equipment for screen printing.
In the summer of 2015 the Mkrlab staff (a prototyping and 3D printing company born in Ancona in 2014 from the idea of two friends Andrea and Massimiliano) joined the Rinoteca group, to give a boost to the 3D printing section within the Rinoteca, bringing their equipment and their know -how in the field.
After a short time for the growth of staff and for the increase in orders, there is the need to look for a new venue to work more and more efficiently the different processes and the related practical and theoretical workshops.
So by March 2016 we will be in the new center that will take us to be the biggest FabLab of Italy (and beyond) with a total area of ​​over 450 square meters, divided into five thematic areas interconnected (3D printing, woodworking and metals, screen printing, design, hospitality and relaxation), a staff with transferable skills in electronics, computer science, biomedical engineering, design, planning , 3D printing, prototyping, screen printing, carpentry, metal working.

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