Exhibitors 2016



BautifulBox is an educational console that entertains your dog using different game modes, involving lights, sounds and smells that the dog needs to recognize in order to get the treat. Its working is completely programmable via smartphone app, which also allows to control the dog via webcam, and to keep game statistics.


Maurizio Piredda e Daniele Lecis

Maurizio Piredda: CEO and Co-founder, economics graduate. He is in charge of the financial, managing and marketing sector. In past, he worked in marketing and commercial field.
Daniele Lecis: CTO and Co-founder, electronic engineering graduand. He is in charge of hardware and software development. He has a vertical experience in software and hardware programming, and worked as dog trainer.

  A14 (pav. 6) - Maurizio Piredda e Daniele Lecis

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