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Ecobox Personal Ecosystem consists in a box you can control modifying environmental parameters to create the right conditions to make the ambient suitable for life growth. Everytime the parameters are in a particular equilibrium, it's time to put in the box the right Life Spore, a capsule which can contain soil, seeds, spores, eggs or fertilizer. If the process is succesfull, the ecosystem will be completed in 100 days. EcoBox is an educational tool, but it can be also used by amateurs and biology enthusiast. The entire system is controlled by a processor connected to the cloud: you can control and modify parameters through PC or smartphone, from anywhere in the world.



Jacopo Diamanti: 27 years old, from Terni (Umbria, Italy). Bachelor in Physics and Astrophysics. I work mainly as a hardware and software developer, my favourite tools are microcontrollers and FPGA. Arduino enthusiast and science geek. IoT specialist. I also teach electronics and microcontrollers at basic and advanced level.

Pierluigi Cox: 26 years old, from Terni. Bachelor in Biology. Passionate naturalist, loves climbing, scuba diving, astronomy and botany. He works as scientific/medical informant. During his spare time he cultivates and studies exotic plants.

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