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OpenROV in Italia
OpenROV in Italia

OpenROV in Italia

Our project "OpenROV in Italy" aims to create a startup that can sustain itself using underwater robotics and new technologies to promote activities related to edutaintment, scientific research (in the aquatic environment), underwater explorations, social inclusion and finally sail training. We have already identified a floating head quarter that we would like to purchase: the schooner "Bella Laura" a feature historic vessel dating back to 1940. The aim is use this as a perfect boat floating base to support the kind of activities that we would like to promote. We currently own a OpenROV 2.8 homebuilt and we are tightening excellent relations with the American OpenROV community with the aim of spreading the use of this type of "underwater drones" in Italy not only for recreation use but also for use it in emergency situations and hazardous work for divers.
Our dream would be to bring to light an old wreck of galleon sunk in 1700 a few meters from the sandy coast of Pesaro and found the first ARCHEOLOGICAL underwater Adriatic Park.

OpenROV in Italia

Alessio Canalini, Christian Gabbani, Alberto Petronio

Alessio Canalini : marine archaeologist , former ROV pilot for "oil&gas industry". He has always promoted educational activities for young people and children related to the marine environment through SEAM an association of social promotion that contributed to found.
Christian Gabbani : chemist, passionate about technology, digital manufacturing and nature. To date he is the Fablab Pesaro manager where undertakes to spread to companies and individuals the potential of digital fabrication.
Alberto Petronio : expert diving instructor, passionate about technology and skillful electronics. Owner of a dive store is engaged in various training activities related to diving and actively collaborates with the Blennius Association.

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