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Make your Self-Identity
Make your Self-Identity

Make your Self-Identity

The 3DiTALY team proposes a visionary demonstration of the next future in the areas that most concern the human being as identity: what we eat, what we wear, how we move. What will happen to the food design, tailoring and automotive in 10 years? What's happening in industrial production after the explosive impact of the Digital Fabrication?
Until recently, the industries and the marketing chose what to do eat, how to dress and what means to use to move. Thanks to the explosion of the DIY maker culture now we can decide for ourselves who to be. The message is slowly reaching even by companies that are moving to offer extreme personalization services of low cost items. In the near future we will be more and more bosses to forge our identity!
Make your Self-Identity!

Make your Self-Identity


3DiTALY was founded in 2012 as the first professional service 3d printing in Italy. Today 3DiTALY is a leader in the European landscape, among the Rapid Prototyping centers for businesses and individuals. The company's core-business is the high specialization in 3D Print, both filament (FDM), both resin (SLA / DLP). By the time the 3DiTALY services portfolio has been significantly expanded, including laser cutting, CNC cutting, scanning service 3d modeling and 3d. 3DiTALY currently has a large network with multiple sites throughout Italy: Rome, Milan, Turin, Padua, Pescara, Ragusa, Naples. Among the large corporations that have successfully implemented digital manufacturing additive offer from 3DiTALY in their processes we include YAMAHA, on the occasion of the 2016 World Superbike Championship.

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