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Unlike existing daylighting solutions, Lucy is differentiated by a very powerful feature: versatility. Thanks to photovoltaics, state-of-the-art WiFi modules and lightweight electromechanics, Lucy is a cable free, connected and portable device that you can easily re-position anywhere to bring sunlight indoors. Lucy can be customized to any size, and consequently power of illumination, to best fit the needs of the structure.

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Diva Tommei

Diva studied Biotechnology as an undergrad and went on to get a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge. During her PhD she was accepted at Singularity University, a program sponsored by NASA and Google on exponential technologies addressing the biggest world challenges. She started her tech entrepreneurial career by co-founding several biotech startups and went on to co-found and run Solenica as CEO. Solenica is a hardware startup that enhances the health and comfort of your indoor environments with a family of connected and beautiful Italian designer devices. This family of devices will completely reshape the way you experience your indoors by supplementing and enhancing your environments with natural elements from the outdoors and generating completely novel indoor data. The first of the Solenica products is "Lucy", a solar powered smart heliostat that redirects sunlight into homes and offices reducing the need for artificial light and providing exposure to healthy natural light. Diva is also a member of the Women in Aerospace association and has been elected Honorary Member of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club. She is also the 2015/2016 Curator for the Global Shapers Hub in Rome, a World Economic Forum community of young social innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists and was selected for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016.

  B7 (pav. 7) - Solenica

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