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LJUSSABEL is the result of a question posed to one of our founding members. A local martial arts club was invited to arrange a Star-Wars themed live roleplay event for kids at the annual game/movie/comic convention Nordsken. They had sourced some clear polycarbonate tubes from a company making snow season road markers and wanted to know if it was possible to find a cheap way to light them up to emulate lightsabers. After some intensive googling, our reply was: "Yes, and we can add sound to them too!".
We have made low-cost, make-it-yourself lightsabers. They are made with an aluminium shaft, tough plastic blade and run on an arduino pro mini. The sabers feature light, sound and motion/clash sensitivity. They are tough enough to fight with (tested by the local Kendokan) and suitable for both kids and adults.
This has been developed through our community and in collaboration with other non-profit organisations. The circuitry and design is made by one of our members and the soldering, programming and general problem solving has been done by the members on a volunteer basis. It's a co-creative, open source, collaborative projekt made by creative makers and devoted people working together.



SkeMake - Skellefteå Makerspace

We are a non-profit organisation with a mission to bring making to Skellefteå and to enable people living here to rediscover their ability to create. The founders are five people who found each other through facebook when searching for people with the same love for making, and 3D-printing in particular. 6 months later, we now have a growing community of makers, some successful workshops and talks behind us and are looking forward to setting up the space at a permanent location. Skellefteå is a great place for innovation and creativity, and we want more people to discover this.

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